It takes a lot of practice to shoot a bow cleanly with your fingers. If you want to ensure you always get a clean shot, you should consider using the best archery release you can get. Instead of three fingers being in contact with the string, there will only be one point of contact while using a release. I shot for over 8 years using my fingers and various gloves and tabs to allow a smooth release on the bowstring.  I will tell you that it wasn’t until I began shooting an archery release that I understood the true accuracy of my bow and the ability I had as a shooter.  This is the way to go for the beginning bowhunter in my opinion as it gives you the best chance at shooting consistently and in turn more accurately on game.

Best Archery Release Reviews for 2022


1. TRU-FIRE Hurricane – Best beginner archery release


TRU-FIRE Hurricane HC-EX-BW archery release image


This archery release device enables you to fire those arrows with precision and confidence. It comes equipped with a dual caliper release made in the USA, ensuring you of quality craftsmanship and materials. The dual caliper release has a spring-loaded trigger for fast and immediate response so you can virtually aim and shoot and thus not give the deer time to run away from your sight. The jaws can simply be opened by drawing the trigger back, and they close when you let the same component off.

The release comes with the state-of-the-art Evolution buckle strap, which is the industry’s simplest yet most reliable in its class. You can easily adjust the trigger travel to your preferred level for customized shooting action. Use the durable, immovable and non-stretchable ½-inch wide webbing to adjust the length between the head and the strap of the device without the need for tools.

2. Tru-Fire Hardcore – Best bow release on the market

Tru-Fire Hardcore archery release image


The Tru-Fire Hardcore boasts a single hook release that automatically self closes to ensure precision for shooting. This component is made in America, ensuring you of high quality craftsmanship and dependable performance. This is the only wrist type archery release with a pivoting head that moves to the left or right at a full 20 degrees to effectively bring down torque at full draw, ensuring that the arrow flies fast and true to the target. The product is equipped with the legendary Evolution buckle strap, which has been considered on the market to be the simplest and the most comfortable to use.

You can adjust the trigger travel for even more comfort. The length separating the strap from the head can be modified via an easy turn clockwise or counterclockwise of the head, and the location of adjustment for the length can be locked firmly with a set screw. The four-ounce trigger has awesome sensitivity so your hand can feel intuitively as you release the bolt.

3. Tru-Fire Edge Buckle – Best value caliper release

Trufire Edge Buckle


This model is a dual caliper release made in the USA, ensuring you of premium quality craftsmanship and materials. The product has an easy-to-use spring loaded trigger that facilitates problem-free release. It has a slimmed down design that is comfortable to handle. You won’t believe how the jaws and trigger work well off the linear motion bearing for smooth trigger movement. The smooth linear-motion trigger reduces and eliminates string torque, preventing jerky releases that prevent the bolt from reaching the target with accuracy. Designed for straightening off the serving as well as for string loops, the archery release offers a length adjustment system that you can lock at option with a set screw, and can be extended to around an inch.

The fold-back Evolution buckle strap enables hands-free climbing, rattling and glassing. The head can be made to turn with an effortless clockwise or counterclockwise turn. The jaws open easily with a press of the trigger, and they close just as easily with let up.

4. Scott Archery Caliper Grip – Affordable grip release option


Scott Archery Caliper


The Scott Archery Caliper Grip has truly withstood the test of time. It comes with a hefty molded grip as well as an adjustable knurled trigger. This molded grip archery release delivers smooth action and is quite spot on. It delivers instant release and offers better groupings. It promotes greater accuracy thanks to the small handle that enables effortless control with your hand, making the device become virtually a part of your hand so at the point of release, you will feel no jerky sensation in any way.

Get exceptional grip and versatility from this remarkable archery device. It offers precision release thanks to its machined construction from aluminum and solid steel, making it effortless to operate and the length of the trigger pull easy to adjust. The 360-degree swiveling head effectively prevents string torque, enabling smooth release of the bolt and increasing your shooting accuracy. Ideal for target shooting and hunting, this molded rubber grip can be used by both right- and left-handed shooters.

5. Tru-Fire Edge 4 – Best noob friendly handheld release

Tru-Fire Edge 4 archery release image


The Tru-Fire Edge 4 offers smooth shooting and accuracy in one simple package. This archery release device is outfitted with a dual caliper release made in the USA, ensuring you of high quality service and premium craftsmanship. The spring loaded trigger facilitates bolt release while preventing string torque so you won’t experience jerky let off.The jaws can be easily opened by simply pulling the trigger back. They can then be closed with a simple let off of the trigger. To ensure consistently smooth and torque-less shooting, the head is designed to move 360 degrees around.

You’ll love how the trigger travel can be adjusted to your liking. The product features an extra-sleek solid aluminum CNC handle that is comfortable to use. This handheld release uses an extra-small head that works nicely with the streamlined handle to deliver perfect comfort. Experience the smoothest action among the brand’s handheld-style archery releases with this model that ships with a reliable limited lifetime guarantee for your security.

6. Spot Hogg Wiseguy – This wrist release will surely improve your shooting

Spot Hogg Wiseguy archery release image


Ripping the bull’s eye should be less of a problem if you decide for the Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle which provides you with all you need to improve your performance as a sharpshooter. The many benefits of this archery release device qualify it for a spot in the arsenal of anyone who uses a compound bow on a regular basis.

The quick loading capacity can serve you in many various situations while the fail-safe trigger will ensure that you will not drop an arrow without intention to do so. It is lightweight, and you will find it truly easy to use.

You will appreciate the open jaw design that allows you to attach it quickly. While, back in the days, hook models had troubles staying in place, that is not the case with this model. This one not only easily secures to the bowstring, but it will deliver consistent results every time.

Other advantages offered by this model are the zero travel feature and the forward design that will allow you to make the best out of the draw length of your bow. Furthermore, it will provide you with the necessary speed to increase your accuracy as an archer.

7. Scott Archery Shark – A good wrist release that gets the job done

Scott Archery Shark archery release image


Are you looking for an archery release that will help you improve your accuracy at the archery range? Then the Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release might be what you need. Made from leather, it is durable, and it also has a nice, high-quality feel, that you will like from the first use.

One of its significant advantages is that it can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. It comes with a swivel connector that has five holes for easy adjustment. Another thing that must be mentioned is that its forward trigger design will help you get the maximum draw length, for higher speed.

Sending your arrows at high speed can work wonders on your accuracy. The knurled design of the trigger ensures excellent grip, so, when you use it, your finger won’t slip. This way, you can avoid early shots, and focus better on honing your accuracy.

The dual caliper buckle model is a winner in many archers’ books. The fact that there are so many people impressed with its performance is a guarantee in itself that this release works as intended. Durable and adjustable, it is an essential must-have that should not be amiss from your archery gear.

8. Hot Shot Vapor 4 – Best compound bow release for hunting

Hot Shot Vapor 4 archery release image


There are certain benefits to using a thumb barrel design, like the Hot Shot Vapor 4. One of the most critical we want to talk about is that it is really quiet. That means that you can use this one for more than just the archery range where it doesn’t matter if your bow makes noises when you draw the string.

In the field, this model will work just fine, and it might give you the necessary edge over the prey with sensitive hearing. The zero noise system will make sure that you’re as silent as you are deadly. Bow hunters will surely appreciate the care for their needs manifested by the manufacturer of this product.

The thumb barrel is fully adjustable, which means that you can adapt it to your style and necessities. Using the automatic closing jaw will also make things more convenient and more comfortable, so, all in all, this model is a way to improve your game, especially when out in the field.

The tension trigger is adjustable, giving you the possibility to work on your style and customize it depending on the conditions you are facing. This model is available in two versions: three-finger handle and four-finger handle.

9. Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 – High quality, durable release

Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Archery release image


If you’re looking for a sturdy product that will provide you with both performance and durability, this model made in the US will be right up your alley. The Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 is completely silent during operation, which means that you will be able to use it while hunting.

When attaching it to the bow, you will encounter no problems whatsoever. Its jaws are easy to open and close, and it must be noted that the head and the jaws are smaller on this model than on previous ones in the same line. For you, that means that you will get more draw length, and your arrows will travel farther.

You only need to activate the trigger to open the jaws, and then let it close fast and securely. The convenience and ease of use are two major selling points for this release aid, but there are some other things you should learn about it.

For instance, it comes with an adjustable screw that you can use to customize sensitivity. Also, the head is capable of swiveling 360 degrees, giving you enough leeway to adjust it as you see fit, and get the best out of its performance.

10. Carter Evolution Release 3 – Best bow release for accuracy

Carter Evolution Release 3 archery release image


The Carter Evolution Release 3 puts more power under your capacity to string your bow, and it does so in a manner that you will find satisfactory, regardless of your style. The pull tension applied makes the most out of the draw length of your bow, and your holding weight, as well.

You only need to attach the release aid to your loop and then draw. You will be impressed with the increase in accuracy and consistency you will witness from the first use. The safety design is another great plus of this model.

You will not be able to fire unless you set the release for the task, which means that premature and dry shots will be out of the question. Especially if you are a beginner, you will discover that drawing your bow and shooting becomes much more comfortable.

The clean breaking abilities of the release we review here qualify it as an excellent addition to your arsenal, regardless of your skill level. Bear in mind that this model comes only in a 3-finger version, so, in case that is some pet peeve of yours, take a look at other 4-finger designs available. You can use this aid on various D-loop sizes, so compatibility issues should not be a problem.


Choosing the best archery release

As you can see there are several styles to choose from and of course in a wide range of prices.  I would make the point that in bowhunting the devil is in the details and selecting the best accessories you can afford while matching them to the quality of your bow will make you a better shooter. Why buy a performance car and put re-tread tires on it, right? Here are a few things to think about when choosing the best bow release.


Type of bow releases

There are basically two types of grips, namely hand-held and wrist. These two basic archery releases dominate the market and are priced according to their adjustability and smoothness.  The type of caliper jaws will depend on wether you are shooting a loop of some sort on your string or shooting right off the string so be sure to choose the best archery release for your bow setup.


Wrist/Caliper Archery Release

What is the best wrist Archery releae

Arguably the most popular style, it has a strap of some sort to attach to your wrist and a trigger that is pulled by your finger.  The calipers or jaws of the release are typically where the quality come sin and better models can be adjusted for easy or harder release by the shooter.  One of the things you will notice first about this style is the transfer of the draw weight to your wrist and forearm making it easier to hold back the bow at full draw.  The position of the trigger position and the length of the overall release will have an affect on your draw length so you should try to pick one while setting up your bow first time. Buy the best wrist release you can afford.

Handheld Archery Release

Best handheld bow release

As the name implies, handheld releases are newer to the market than wrist style ones.  They are lighter in weight and not as cumbersome to use.  Handheld releases still use a trigger mechanism although it is usually not pulled with your index finger, rather it is triggered with your thumb which is not often as sensitive as your index finger.  You can even release the arrow using back tension.  A slight increase in the tension at full draw coupled with a slight rotation of the archery release will cause it to release the string.  You will often see competition shooters using these types of releases. The best handheld archery release you can afford would be a nice addition to your archery arsenal.


If you decide to buy a hand-held one, you also need to consider the amount of length adjustment it offers. All archers hands are not the same size, so one release won’t fit every hand. You don’t want to have to strain just to reach the trigger. Therefore, make sure it is adjustable so that you can shoot as comfortably as possible.

String Style

Bow strings can be setup in different ways. There can be a “D” loop, metal nock, or metal type fastener on the string. Some release aids aren’t only suitable for use on certain string styles. Make sure your potential release is compatible with your string setup.


Some archery releases are automatic or hydraulic. They will automatically fire the bow after a certain time has passed once you start to draw back. Automatic release aids are available in both grip and wrist styles. However, they’re also the most expensive. If you’re a hunter or novice archer, you should probably avoid using this type of release.


Hunters also need to pay attention to the noise that the release produces. Some designs make a clicking sound during the process. This noise can easily spook your target. Therefore, make sure your potential release aid doesn’t make any noise.


We hope you enjoyed our article about choosing the best bow release for 2022.

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