Hunting Gloves

Hunting Gloves

Every hunter needs a good pair of gloves, regardless of the outside temperature. Hunting gloves are not only designed to keep hands warm in freezing temperatures, they can also protect you from accidental injuries out in the field. There are several types of gloves designed for hunting so you can easily find the best hunting gloves for you.

Best hunting gloves Reviews for 2022

1. ScentBlocker Trinity Glove

blankRegular gloves can’t do anything in the way of protecting your hands adequately and furthermore, keeping the scent in so that you are not detected by your prey and miss your shot of getting a clean kill. Fortunately, ScentBlocker has designed this model which features the Trinity scent control and also comes with a micro-wick technology.

The design of the gloves is also eye-catching, something you might perhaps not encounter in similar models. The camo looks allow you to blend into the environment, thereby making it even more difficult for animals to spot you with ease.

The fabrics that these gloves are made of should give you a pointer as to whether you ought to try them out or not. They are made of 6 percent spandex French Terry fabric and 94 percent polyester.



While polyester might not be the most breathable fabric ever to have seen the light of day, spandex does do a good job in this sense, so even if your hands are going to be sweaty on account of handling all the gear and getting a little excited from the prospect of properly targeting your prey, the extra moisture will be wicked away fast and conveniently.

2.Hot Shot Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mitten


Hybrid gloves are convenient and comfortable to wear and use, and that’s because they combine the best of two worlds. You can remove the mitten part whenever you need to handle something and want to feel it a little better with your fingers. On the other hand, you can cover your fingers with the mitten part when you’re trying to deal with the cold as best as possible.

This is where the Hot Shot Men’s Predator model is a winner. The hybrid design offers you warmth and protection and the dexterity of a traditional glove, too. Let’s see what fabrics make this product stand out from the crowd.

While the shell of the gloves is made from 100% polyester tricot in a camo design, the insulation consists of 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate (65% of which is olefin and 35% of which is polyester). There’s also a lining that is anti-microbial and made to prevent odors from being retained.



Another feature you might want to know about is the fact that this one comes with a pro-text portion on the index finger of the glove, which will allow you to use touchscreen devices without having to take the gloves off.

3. Under Armour Men’s SC Primer Gloves

blankAvailable in as many as three different camo designs, these gloves will be a trustworthy companion when you need to make sure that your prey doesn’t spot you or feel your scent. The model boasts the UA scent control technology present in many of the brand’s products, and this tech is capable of suppressing and trapping the odors so that you are significantly less detectable and your chances of a clean kill are considerably increased.

Although the gloves themselves aren’t insulated, they do come with a lining that uses a thermo-conductive coating to retain and absorb your body heat so that your hands remain warm.

Since your knuckles are more exposed to the cold than the rest of your fingers and palms, what with them not being covered by enough skin, fat, or muscle, this model boasts a lightweight foam padding specifically in that area.



As with other models we’ve mentioned here, this one comes with the Tech Touch print on the thumbs and fingers, so you can utilize touchscreen devices without having to face the cold. That definitely comes in handy if you don’t want to get lost in inclement weather, since you’ll be able to get the most out of your GPS, for example.

4. Glacier Glove Aleutian Full-Fingered


Not all hunting gloves are made the same, and the biggest difference between most models is how bulky and comfortable to wear they really are. Besides, some hunters don’t need as much insulation as others, especially if the climate of the area they live in is milder and doesn’t call for a lot of thermal protection.

However, wearing gloves is still necessary if you want to grab your weapon properly, and also if you want to make it harder for the animals to detect you because of your natural scent.

This model by Glacier Glove is made from neoprene, so it is considerably lighter and more wearable compared to many other choices. It is one hundred percent waterproof, so it will allow your hands to remain dry even in inclement weather. The sharkskin textured palm of these gloves definitely comes in handy since you will be able to benefit from a solid grip on your weapon of choice.



The 2MM fleece lined neoprene will do a good job of keeping your hands warm and cozy. What we would like to advise you to do with these is to put them on as you’re still in the house. Based on some reviews, it takes a little time for them to retain the heat from your skin.

5. SITKA Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt


For some hunters, it might seem like an illogical choice to go for a flip mitt instead of a pair of gloves, but others simply just want to make sure that they remain warm as they stroll through the environment they are doing their hunting in. These flip mitts are available in sizes ranging from medium to extra-large, so choose the one that best suits your physical attributes.

The mitt is insulated and will allow your hands to maintain heat thanks to the 100% windproof Gore Windstopper membrane it was equipped with. PrimaLoft insulation surrounds this membrane and ensures superior comfort to your fingers and palms.

Mitts are generally a little less convenient to use compared to traditional gloves, and that’s because you might not be able to benefit from the same grip. However, this issue is circumvented by the design of these since they are outfitted with leather palms and articulated fingers.



What do actual hunters say about this product? We found a review of one who says that the snow actually builds on the outside when you’re hunting in snowy conditions. Therefore, the mitts are capable of blocking the outside cold very well and keep the heat inside them.

6. Huntworth Men’s Bonded Stealth


Huntworth’s model is another option you might want to consider, especially if you’re in the market for a pair of gloves that’s snug, and that can keep you protected from inclement weather. The product is made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, and while the high percentage of poly might concern you, it actually makes the difference when it comes to providing the gloves with plenty of durability. The spandex is added so that your skin remains comfortable even when your hands are getting a little too warm.

As for the shell, the back is silky stretch woven bonded to a soft fleece. Here’s where things are starting to get interesting because the bonded fleece features microban antimicrobial protection, so your scent will be considerably reduced, allowing you to do your hunting without being detected by your potential targets.



Add to all of these features the neoprene cuff and silicone print palm specially designed to provide you with an enhanced grip, and you’ve got yourself a pair of quality and highly usable gloves. If you would like to know whether you can use your touchscreen devices while wearing these, we’ll put your mind at ease. You can, seeing how they come with a conductive thumb and index finger.

7. Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves


Stretchy hunting gloves can always make the difference when it comes to improving your performance, especially if what you are looking for is a product that makes you feel like you’re wearing a second skin. This model is breathable and cool and comes with a cuff that measures five inches, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Something else you might want to know about the unit is that it is outfitted with sure-grip inch dots that can give you quite a bit of assistance when you’re trying to hold your weapon and maneuver it properly. One thing that this type of glove is lacking is the fact that it doesn’t come with conductive index fingers or thumbs, so you won’t be able to use touchscreen devices while wearing it.



Of course, you also have to consider that these gloves aren’t made to keep you very warm. They provide an extra layer of protection, but their design is also focused on allowing you to handle various items effectively and comfortably.

Since they have received the appreciation of bowhunters and survivalists who have spent over two weeks in the wild living off of the fish and game they caught, it’s safe to say that these are at least worth checking out.

Types of hunting gloves

You can find hunting gloves designed for almost any outdoor task and condition, and there are several types to choose from.

Full gloves

The most common type of hunting gloves cover the wrist, hand and fingers. Commonly referred to as “full gloves” most are designed for versatility, and can be constructed from a variety of materials. Depending on the material full gloves can be worn during any season and are generally are flexible enough to allow you to easily perform a variety of tasks.

Fingerless gloves

If you need to be able to “feel” what you are doing but still need protection on the palms and top of your hands, a pair of fingerless gloves might be perfect for you. Since your fingers are not wrapped in the material it is easier to perform complicated tasks, while still keeping your hands relatively warm. Fingerless gloves can also come with textured padding on the palms or even knuckle guards which can improve your grip and give you a little extra protection.


A pair of mittens might not seem like a good choice, but most pairs designed for hunters can be folded back to reveal gloves. This gives you the advantage of exceptional warmth, while still allowing you to easily move your fingers when you need to accomplish a task. Convertible mittens are typically constructed from wool, and are great for hunting in cold weather.

Riding and falconry gloves

Some hunters still use horses to help chase down their prey, and this requires a special type of glove. Riding gloves are typically constructed from leather or wool and are designed to protect your hands from rubbing against the reins, while still allowing plenty of movement in the fingers.

Hunters that use falcons also need a special type of glove. Usually constructed from thick leather, falconry gloves also come with a metal guard that is used to safely tether the bird. It is important to ensure that falconry gloves fit properly so you are fully protected from the sharp beak and talons.

Best Hunting Gloves

Materials Used In Hunting Gloves

Hunting gloves can be made from a variety of materials and the outdoor conditions will help you make your decision. Some materials are also more flexible than others, making it important to consider the tasks you will be performing.


This natural material is often used in cold weather hunting gloves. The thickness of the knit can vary, which makes wool a common material used in full and fingerless gloves, along with combination mittens. Wool is also easy to dye almost any color, so you can easily find a pair that matches your personal style.

While wool is naturally water resistant and great a keeping warmth in, the material can have an unpleasant odor when it is wet. Wool gloves also require the lanolin to be re-applied if you want the pair to retain its water resistant properties.


Falconry and riding gloves are usually made from leather, but you can also find other types constructed from this natural material. The color and design of leather hunting gloves can vary, which gives you plenty of stylish options to choose from. Leather hunting gloves are often priced slightly higher, but the material is durable and can last for years.

Leather hunting gloves will also form to the wearer’s hand size over time to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Leather is flexible, comfortable and capable of keeping heat in, but it is also not breathable making it a poor choice for hunting in warm weather.


This soft, synthetic material is soft, lightweight, and great for hunting in cooler temperatures. The fabric is breathable and not prone to irritate sensitive skin, which is always an advantage if you are allergic to wool. These hunting gloves are often affordably priced, but it is important to remember that fleece is not water resistant. If you frequently find yourself hunting around water, fleece gloves might not be the best choice for you.


This brand name refers to the type of synthetic material that is becoming popular with hunters. Gore -Tex is water resistant, extremely durable and resistant to rips and tears, and hunting gloves constructed from the material are often less expensive than leather or wool. Gore-Tex is also breathable so your hands stay cool and comfortable.

The fabric can be slightly uncomfortable against sensitive skin, and it is also bulky making it difficult to accomplish complex tasks.

Now you are ready to choose the best hunting gloves for your needs!!


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