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CenterPoint Gladiator Crossbow (405fps) Review

CenterPoint Gladiator (405 fps)


Our Rating



  • It delivers good speeds of up to 405 fps
  • It is sturdy and reliable
  • A plethora of accessories are included in the package
  • It comes with a noise dampening system


  • The draw weight of 200 lbs may be a bit too much for some shooters

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful crossbow, you’re looking at it. The Gladiator truly deserves its name, and it will behave like a veritable workhorse when out in the field. Many hunters are impressed with the capabilities and the results of this model from CenterPoint and recommend it as an excellent pick, especially if you don’t want to spend a couple of thousands of dollars on a model that you might not know if it’s right for you. For the more budget-minded hunters out there, this is the crossbow we also recommend.




The quality of construction is essential for any crossbow, and this one is no exception to the rule. You will be pleased with the overall build of this model, as the quad limbs come along with CNC-machined cams, which allow the Gladiator to shoot arrows at speeds of 405 fps. You can also appreciate the fact that the crossbow comes with an aluminum rail that keeps the overall weight of this particular model to a minimum. Seeing how the AR-style stock offers the user a good, solid grip, it is essential that you get a crossbow that can make prey go down, no matter how large or tough.

You may know very well that the build reliability plays an integral part in how accurate and fast a crossbow can be. That is why we are pleased to say that the CenterPoint AXCG200CK2 Gladiator is a good pick for someone who is looking for a sound choice that will serve him or her for many years down the road.



It is true that you can’t expect the Gladiator to be extremely narrow in this price range. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not reasonably portable. At 13.5 inches when cocked, and 17.5 inches when un-cocked, it will not take a lot of space, so you can still maneuver it. Probably it is not the best idea to take this one with you if you plan to spend most of your time stuck in a cramped hunting blind, but, for any other situation, you will find it quite a great companion.

The draw weight, however, is a sore point, as it sits at 200 lbs, which means that not just anyone will be able to use it, at least not without a particular cocking device that can make things easier. A rope cocker is included with your purchase, so make sure to make good use of that so that you can shoot and re-cock your crossbow in an efficient manner.


This is an image of CenterPoint AXCG200CK2 Gladiator crossbowFeatures

The crossbow reviewed here is affordable, comfortable to use, and it also comes along with many essential features. We must mention that the model has in place an anti-dry fire system which means that you will not have to risk shooting prematurely. Also, the auto-safety trigger design will keep your fingers away from harm so that you don’t have to return from your hunting trip too early and with an accident to report.

Another thing that we like about this particular model is that it comes with a side-mount bracket for the quiver that can be successfully used by both left-handed and right-handed users. Such attention to details makes the Gladiator a good option for anyone looking to purchase an entire crossbow package at an unbeatable price.

In the same package, you will find a 4x32mm illuminated scope. A patented product from the same company, the scope has a reticle so that you can aim for prey with unrivaled accuracy. You will also get three carbon bolts, meaning that you can start shooting right away. We already mentioned the rope cocker, but the list doesn’t end here. The package comes with a parallel quiver, a shoulder sling, and rail lube, for maximum portability, convenience, and easy maintenance of your hunting equipment.


Noise and vibrations

It is paramount that you don’t end up waking up the entire forest when you go hunting, which means that your crossbow should be as silent as possible. As is the case with many reputable manufacturers, CenterPoint thought about installing a noise-dampening system on this model, too. The string suppressors in place will keep the string from vibrating, so you will not risk giving away your location by accident or with each fire. Seeing that the crossbow is fast, but not as fast as others on the market, the overall level of vibrations is not unusually high, so you will be able to land whisper-quiet shots without a problem.




There is a vast selection of crossbows on the market so, whenever we review a model, we want to inform you of all the good and bad points of each model. In this case, the main selling point is the pricing, especially since you’re getting an entire package and not just the crossbow when you’re purchasing it.

With a plethora of accessories that make it a great option, this model is a solid buy. Mainly if you are a novice and you don’t have the money to spend on a top-of-the-line option, you will discover the Gladiator to be in the ballpark.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm