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Carbon Express Covert Bloodshed Crossbow Review (360fps)

Carbon Express Covert Bloodshed Crossbow Package

Built with superior performance, power, and speed in mind, this crossbow is a reliable option for hunters and shooters of all levels. Capable of delivering up to 360 FPS, the unit features a lightweight and compact body that will enhance the user’s comfort when employing it outdoors and even in tight quarters or blinds.

Besides the noteworthy speed and comfortable and durable body, the product is also accurate and built in such a way to ensure consistent shooting hunt after hunt. It thus comes equipped with a modular Picatinny mounting system, a folding foregrip, a CNC-machined trigger box, as well as precision components for increased accuracy.




Package Includes:

  • Optics: 4×32 Illuminated Scope
  • Quiet Crank Cocking Device
  • Quiver: Quick Detach 3 Arrow Quiver
  • Bolts: 3 Mayhem 20″ Crossbolts
  • 3 Practice Points
  • Folding Foregrip
  • Rail Lubricant



Speed (Up To) 360 FPS
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 109 ft./lb
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 36″
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 17″ (uncocked),13.5″ (cocked)
Power Stroke 13.5″
Weight (w/out accessories) 7.1 lbs
Draw Weight 175 lbs


Key Features

  • It is fast as it shoots at 360 FPS.
  • It is lightweight and compact, given its weight and length.
  • It ensures a customized fit, thanks to its design and the folding grip.
  • It is easy to maneuver due to the stock lightweight design and bullpup trigger.
  • It includes a quiet crank cocking device for silent operation.
  • It comes with a 1″ recoil pad to ensure superior shock absorption.
  • It is equipped with precision components and a CNC-machined trigger box.
  • It is packed with Mayhem 20″ cross bolts that feature moon nocks.
  • It is available in kits that include a variety of accessories.



  • It is fast and accurate.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It is quiet and easy to maneuver.
  • It is stable and ensures a customized fit.



  • It might not be suitable for hunting very big animals, given its speed.



Build Quality – Durability

Carbon Express Covert Bloodshed Review

Given the nature of this type of product, the Carbon Express Covert Bloodshed was designed to stand the test of time and keep up with many shooting sessions. The materials and components used for its construction have thus been carefully chosen based on their durability and performance.

For example, the item comes with a premium-grade carbon 420 grain bolt and a billet aluminum CNC riser; therefore, quality materials have been employed to ensure durability and superior performance.



One of the first things you’ll notice when it comes to this crossbow is its lightweight and compact design. The slim-line bow design, the stock design with bullpup trigger, and the weight and length all contribute to your comfort when employing this crossbow.

The item also features a compact front end and measures 13.5” when cocked and 17″ when uncocked. This makes it easy to maneuver and suitable even for small blinds and tight quarters.


Speed and Performance

Shooting at 360 FPS, this crossbow is bound to cover the needs of many hunters. The market does offer faster models, yet they are also pricier. The manufacturer used quality components and materials when building this unit and designed it thoughtfully while keeping it within an affordable price range.

Therefore, considering its compact design and price tag, the speed and performance ensured by this unit are praiseworthy.



To make sure you get satisfying results hunt after hunt, the product is packed with components that deliver enhanced accuracy. The crossbow is equipped with a CNC-machined trigger box with precision components, a modular Picatinny mounting system, and a folding grip that work together to get you a customized fit and accuracy every time you use the crossbow. Plus, the trigger box ensures a clean break.




Without a safe design, the speed and performance ensured by a crossbow might actually become useless if you cannot employ the item because of safety issues. With this model, there shouldn’t be such problems, but if you have more questions about the type of safety used, don’t hold back from contacting the manufacturer for more information.


Noise and Vibration

A crossbow might be fast and easy to use, but if it does not deliver quiet operation, you might spook the game and lower your chances of successful results. That might not affect you much if you shoot at a target in your backyard, yet if you’re out into the wild, a noisy crossbow will affect your experience as far as the results are concerned.

The Carbon Express Covert Bloodshed features a 1-inch recoil pad for a better vibration and shock absorption. What’s more, the Tech Coating enhances the absorption of the sound from the unit, which translates into a less noisy operation.


Ease Of Use and Assembly

This product was built not only with speed and performance in mind but also with ease of use; therefore, it boasts a user-friendly design that will make it easy even for beginners to employ it. The bullpup trigger and lightweight stock design ensure enhanced maneuverability, while the weight and dimensions render the unit appropriate even for less spacious shooting settings.

The folding grip and Modular Picatinny mounting system further add to the ease of use ensured by this model as you can customize the unit to fit various setups.



Carbon Express Covert Bloodshed Review Summary

Fast, lightweight, and easy to maneuver, this crossbow is worth taking into account before deciding on a product. Shooting at 360 FPS and equipped with quality components that deliver consistent shooting and increased accuracy, this product can be employed in a variety of shooting settings.

The package includes everything you need to start using it right away, and the components and accessories included are factory-matched so that you can enjoy superior performance. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can shoot even in small blinds.

Updated: June 2, 2020 — 6:00 pm