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Bushnell Green Roof Trophy Binoculars Review

Bushnell Green Roof Trophy


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blankSome Things You Should Consider Before Buying These Binoculars

  • The Bone Collector model designed by Bushnell can prove its worth under a vast array of hunting circumstances. This is a highly effective, comfortable, and convenient pair of binoculars, and what you might also want to know about it is that it’s also rather affordable, especially when compared to similar models from the same brand. Therefore, you won’t have to break the bank if you decide to go for this product.
  • When it comes to the most basic specs of a binocular, the first two things you need to take into account are the magnification power and the objective lens diameter. With the 10x magnification, you will be able to look at your targets and track them effectively. However, what we would like to add in this respect is that a 10x magnification is not recommended for hunters who don’t have steady hands – otherwise, you will require the use of a tripod and needless to say, that will be an additional piece of equipment you’ll have to carry along. As for the 42mm objective, it’s more than capable of gathering plenty of light so that the images are bright enough.

Bushnell Green Roof Trophy



  • Another aspect that makes this pair of binos stand out from the crowd is the fact that they are outfitted with fully multi-coated optical components. Therefore, the light transmission will always be on par, allowing you to visualize images that are crisp, clear, and bright enough for you to track the moves of the prey without really making a significant effort.
  • The weight of this product is also something to write home about. Even though they are slightly heavier compared to some of the other models available for sale right now, these binos aren’t overly so as they weigh in at 25 ounces. Needless to say, the last thing you might want from a brand new pair of hunting binoculars would be for them to weigh you down – you have to carry plenty of other gear, as well. Their size allows you to use them comfortably if your hands are average-sized, for example.
  • Since you’re probably wondering whether these binoculars could withstand the test of time, we’ll put your mind at ease by telling you that they come with a series of features that ensure just this. For example, they are both waterproof and fog-proof and while these two specs help you in the sense that you’re going to see clearly even in inclement weather, they also add to the ruggedness of the model and its ability to last. On top of everything, the unit is outfitted with dura-grip rubber, so you can safely hold them in your hands and even if they’re dropped on the ground, they will still be able to serve you well.
  • For various outdoor adventures, this product is a great alternative as it comes with long-range roof prism and is more than capable of handling the abuse of the elements. It’s also worth noting that the device is made out of eco-friendly materials and that the lenses contain no lead whatsoever. The wide field of view allows them to be used in a variety of situations, and even for applications such as watching wildlife and even birds in flight.
  • At most retailers, you can get the binos along with several basic accessories which range from a lightweight silver bag to lens covers. There’s also a strap that you can attach to the binos so that you can conveniently carry them around your neck. Seeing how these weigh just 25 ounces, you’ll probably find that carrying them in this manner is not uncomfortable.


  • The fully multi-coated optical components boasted by the Bushnell Green Roof Trophy model are capable of making the images you will look at bright and razor-sharp clear.
  • The rubber armored housing ensures the durability of this optical instrument.
  • It comes with a waterproof and fog-proof design.
  • The 10x magnification and 42mm objective are two great specs for hunting purposes.
  • The product is accompanied by several accessories.


  • If you know that your hands aren’t exactly steady, you might have to pick the other Bushnell Trophy model, the one that comes with the same objective lens diameter, but an 8x magnification power.



Bushnell Green Roof Trophy Binoculars Review Summary

Despite being budget-friendly, these binoculars are capable of great performance, they come with fully multi-coated lenses that can ensure excellent light transmission, and they boast a fog-proof and waterproof design. The rubber armored housing further adds to their durability, and their ergonomic design makes them comfortable to use in pretty much any situation.

As if all of these features and benefits weren’t enough, the binos are usually accompanied by a lightweight bag and lens covers. There is a strap that you can utilize to carry the binos around your neck if you find that this method suits you the best. Are these the best hunting binoculars for 2019? Find out!

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm