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Buffalo Hunting Recurve Bow Review

Buffalo Hunting


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Even Katniss Everdeen would love to handle the Buffalo hunting bow and arrow handmade recurve horsebow. This is a cutting edge model that readily combines a classic longbow design with revolutionary bow technology. This top rating recurve bow delivers superb shooting performance thanks to its exceptional design and superb aspects.




Specially designed for hunting and target shooting, the Buffalo hunting bow and arrow set is a cutting-edge product that combines revolutionary bow design with customized styling and reliable performance. It is purely handmade by an old master who has studied custom bow and arrow making for around 30 years. The bow boasts great balance, a special appeal and extreme durability. It comes equipped with a red cobra snakeskin cover that enhances the bow`s elegant beauty to complement the style and design. It looks and feels solid in the hand and boasts an impressive laminate or fiberglass face for even greater rigidity and strength.


Lightweight and smooth, the bow comes with a construction that makes it tough enough to withstand a bit of abuse during shooting practice and hunting. Enjoy a certain level of unbreakability with normal use. The handle is made of wood, serving as a fantastic complement to the bow`s fiberglass limbs. This quality product is worth the cost once strung properly.



Designed for hunting and perfect for target shooting, this recurve bow boasts 100 percent handmade construction that ensures a smooth and finely-tuned unit. The perfect balance is complemented by the exceptional contrast used in the construction of the limb and the ergonomic grip. This high quality traditional recurve bow makes a noteworthy collectible item for your archery weapon display. There are few to no signs of color distortion or dispersion, which should assure you of an unchanging appearance even after years of use. The bow has a truly distinctive look that should make you the envy of everyone on the target shooting field.


Buffalo Hunting recurve bowFunctionality

Designed for top rating durability, quality and craftsmanship this recurve bow delivers effective performance for both target shooting and hunting. Featuring its own unique style enhanced with uncompromising performance, the bow has a draw weight ranging from 30 to 65 pounds, making it suitable for taking down medium sized game animals including wild turkey and deer, as well as slightly larger targets such as elk.


The recurve bow ships with a free paper target so you can practice your shooting to achieve greater accuracy. It also comes with a specialty flipper rest, which is perfect for traditional bows. The draw length of 29.5 inches to 31.5 inches makes the weapon ideal for both long draw shooters and short draw shooters, helping you experiment a bit with your draw length. .


The recurve bow also comes as a perfect fit for both righthanded and lefthanded shooters and has the ability to handle all kinds of archery arrows, making it a highly versatile weapon. The draw weight ranges from 30 pounds to 60 pounds, making the recurve bow perfect for the casual target practice as well as for taking down game animals, at your option. It delivers award winning accuracy and top selling comfort level. This weapon is not so heavy nor so light to make it unwieldy overall. It looks good at any angle and carries classic lines that should rival any high-priced recurve bow.


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Lightweight and easy to handle, this recurve bow offers a fast and natural aim. It definitely looks and feels like a signature bow, with a design that allows the arrow on the arrow rest to be situated real close to where you position your hand on the riser. The limbs aid in ensuring precision during shooting, making the bow a lot smoother and easier to shot. Enjoy smooth draw and smooth and natural release every time. You can experience very little handshock during release. This is an attractive horsebow that also makes a perfect training bow for thumb ring shooting.

This is a really straightforward recurve bow that you can`t resist stringing the moment you take it out of the box. A real pleasure to shoot, it carries tight and solid workmanship on its bindings and limbs, proving to be genuine quality work. The fit and finish are practical in every inch of this weapon. It will go right on target the first time and every time thereafter. It you want an honest and simple bow that does what it is designed to do, this recurve bow is your perfect option.

Updated: January 20, 2019 — 7:16 pm