While hunters and target shooters will often disagree on the best type of sight, they generally agree it is easier to consistently make accurate shots when you use one. Most hunters prefer the simplicity of a fixed pin sight, while target shooters usually appreciate the ability to fine tune one with moveable pins. While there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of sight, there are several reasons why you should consider mounting one on your compound bow.

One of the main reasons archers choose to install a bow sight is simply to improve aim and alignment. While the peep sight will help a little, along with your eyes, it is impossible to line up shots at a distance. If you are only planning on shooting arrows from a distance of 10 feet or less, you probably don’t need a bow sight to hit the target. Since constantly shooting targets at close distance is impractical, a bow sight is generally extremely useful.

Another advantage of using a bow sight, instead of relying on a peep sight is the ability to accurately focus on a target. If you only use a large peep sight you won’t be able to adequately focus on objects at a distance. This means that you might miss a shot that would have been easy to make if you had a good bow sight. Some novice archers think that they can solve this problem by using a smaller peep sight but this can be dangerous if you are hunting in low light conditions. Not only does the smaller size peep sight dramatically decrease your field of vision, it also restricts the amount of light that can get to your eye. The decreased light will make it almost impossible to see the target, let alone safely line up an accurate shot.

A bow sight can also help you save money, which is always an advantage. When you can’t see the target or line up a shot accurately chances are you are going to lose a lot of arrows. While most arrows are priced affordably, unless you need something special, the cost of continually replacing lost bolts or broken tips will quickly add up. This can also result in wasted contest fees, along with lost prize money and hunters will quickly find that replacing their arrows without hitting anything can quickly take all of the fun out of the sport.

Part of the fun of hunting with a bow is that it is more challenging than simply taking aim with a rifle. While the sport is supposed to challenge your skill as a hunter, if you can’t even hit slow moving game it can quickly become frustrating. A bow sight will help hunters accurately line up shots with their targets so they can experience all of the fun and excitement of bringing down game with an arrow. The other advantage to hunting with a bow sight is that it is often more humane than not using one. You want to make an accurate kill shot the first time, instead of only wounding the animal. Not only do you run the risk of losing your prey, it can also be considered cruel.

With all of the advantages associated with using a sight, it only makes sense that you would take a few minutes and mount one on your newly bought compound bow. Click here for tips on how to choose the perfect bow sight for you.

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