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Tenpoint Crossbow Reviews


Tenpoint crossbows has a strong and loyal following. Still, the unique design of Tenpoint crossbows (split/quad) limbs has been the subject of some controversy. Manufacturers of non-split limbs claim split limbs are inherently weaker due to the reduced mass of each limb.The argument for split limbs is that non-split-limbs frequently split down the middle – therefore by pre-splitting the limbs you can beat those nasty splits to the draw.

Opponents of the quad limb design (most notably Horton*) say that splitting the limbs reduces the inherent strength of each individual limb. That may be true, but by splitting the limbs, say the fine people over at Tenpoint, you’re also reducing the strain on each individual limb by distributing it evenly among more limbs.I suspect both camps are correct, and that it comes down to personal preference. The quad limb design may be slightly less accurate due to uneven wear on each limb. Tenpoint offers a lifetime warranty on all crossbows.

Updated: January 6, 2015 — 2:18 pm
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