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Best Hunting Pants For 2018

There are some pieces of clothing that are essential to the success of a hunting trip, and one of the most important are the pants. There are different types and styles of pants, and each one is designed for hunting in a specific season. Learning the best uses for the various types of hunting pants will make it easier for you to choose the best pair to stay comfortable and protect your legs on the next trip. What is the best hunting pants? First you need to decide on some things.

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Hunting Pants Type

When you are trying to decide on a type of pants, the first thing to consider is what you are hunting. Different animals live in specific environments and can usually only be hunted during certain times of the year. The means that the pants should not only be comfortable to wear, but also able to provide protection from the weather and environment.

  • Camouflage

If you are hunting deer and other types of large game camouflage pants are usually recommended. The pattern allows you to blend into your surroundings so your prey isn’t startled. This makes it easier for you to line up an accurate shot and ensure your hunting trip is a success. The pattern can vary depending on the environment, along with the material used in construction. White camouflage pants are generally worn for hunting in the snow, while greens and browns are typically used in the forest.

  • Scent blockers

Some hunting pants are designed to block your scent. This is especially helpful when you are hunting large game with a strong sense of smell. These prey animals tend to run when an unfamiliar scent is in the air, which can make it almost impossible to get a clear shot. While hunting pants that are designed to block your scent are often priced a little higher, it can be well worth it when you bag your first deer of the season.

  • Waterproof

If you are hunting ducks and other waterfowl you want a pair of pants that are waterproof. This is also important if you are hunting in cold weather, when it can be dangerous to be outdoors when you are wet. Hunting pants constructed from synthetic materials like Dry-Plus or Gore-Tex are the most common, and both are capable of keeping your legs dry when you are wading in the water.

These types of hunting pants are also great when you need protection from the wind, and the material is still breathable so your legs will stay cool and comfortable. You can also find rain pants designed for hunting in all seasons, and while these will keep you dry the pants do not have a fly opening which is often extremely inconvenient.

  • Weather resistant

Hunting pants are typically worn for protection from branches, bug bites, and the weather. While you want the material to be able to protect your legs from scratches and cuts, you also need to stay comfortable no matter the weather. If you are hunting during the winter pants that come with moisture wicking will help you stay dry and warm.

Polyester materials such as neoprene or Thinsulate are often used in cold weather hunting pants due to its durability. These synthetic materials are also excellent at keeping heat in, and are lightweight enough to ensure comfortable movements.

How to choose the best hunting pants for your needs

Choosing a pair of hunting pants is a little more complicated than picking out jeans. To ensure you can wear the layers you need to stay warm and comfortable, you want to pick a pair of hunting pants that are a size larger than normal. A belt or pair of suspenders will ensure that the pants stay up when you take the layers off so you can stay warm and comfortable through any season.

The length of the pants will also affect how comfortable you are on the hunting trip. If the pants are too short you might not have to worry about wet cuffs, but cold air can easily go straight up the legs. To prevent the cuffs from getting wet and muddy and keep your legs warm choose a pair of hunting pants that are an inch or two longer. This allows you to tuck the bottom of the pants in your boots, and some even come with convenient strings or elastic in the cuffs.

You also want to choose a pair of pants that are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. Looser materials give you the ability to easily lift and bend your legs when you are climbing or simply want to sit down, and breathable materials help you stay comfortable in warm and cool temperatures. Hunting pants with sealed seams and double zippers are better equipped at keeping your warm and dry, especially if you are hunting waterfowl. Spending a few minutes to consider when and what you are hunting will help you choose the right pair of pants.

Updated: October 24, 2018 — 1:47 pm
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