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Lone Wolf Skinner hunting knife with plain-edged blade review

Although the Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife with Plain-Edged Blade (Orange, 7.97-Inch) comes in at a higher price point than other knives on the market, the high end finishes, polished look, and quality materials used to construct the knife, are going to be noticed from the very minute you put it in your hands for use. Hunters are sure to appreciate the fixed lock mechanism; not only is this a great safety feature to prevent injuries, it is also a feature that ensures you are not going to over or undercut, when skinning or performing other tasks when you are using the blade outdoors. The locking mechanism is also a simple way to ensure the skinning knife doesn’t get jammed when you need to pull out the blade in a short notice situation.

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At 2.65”, the plain edge drop design of the blade is another feature that you are going to appreciate when using this knife for skinning. Although the blade is short, it is sharp; and, the tactical grip design and smooth finish blade, allows you to cut through and work through nearly any surface, with the slightest of ease each time you put the knife to use. At a total length of 8”, the blade is easy enough to carry around in a pocket or bag; and, the sturdy, leather sheath is going to provide you with a stable carrying pouch, as well as something that will provide you with more security if you do carry the blade in a pocket.

Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife with Plain-Edged BladeA shorter 8” length also means a more ergonomic, comfortable grip design. Due to the fact that the blade and knife are shorter than others, it allows you to cut holding it in nearly any direction in your hand. Whether you are skinning away from or towards your body, it is going to fit comfortably in your hand, and you are easily going to be able to cut through any surface with no problems at all when you are using the blade for such outdoor tasks. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, what rugged surface you are trying to cut through, or what you are skinning, it is going to be rather simple to cut through, when you are using the Lone Wolf blade to perform the tasks.

In addition to skinning, the knife blade can also be used for shearing, it is great for gutting, and cutting through nearly any surface, because of the shorter blade, and the sharper finish that the knife features. There is a finger slot found at the top of the blade as well; not only does this make for a more comfortable design, it also gives the user far more control, especially when they need to be as precise as possible in using the blade for any task or skinning job they are doing.

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Final Verdict

One of the best seller in the market today is this Lone Wolf Skinner Hunting Knife with Plain-Edged Blade. Lightweight finish, with durable design, and the best material finishes, are a few of the many features you are going to appreciate. Perfect for outdoor activities!

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Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:33 pm