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Best Deer Attractant in 2018 – Instantly Lure Whitetail Bucks In

Hunters utilize deer attractants to lure their prey out into the open. There are several different attractants available, and even some of them can be homemade. It provides each hunter with an edge, and can potentially reduce the amount of time it takes to tag a buck or foe. However, if you don’t use the right one, it could be a long day out in the field.

Best Attractants for deer

Lure some whitesail Deer in to shooting range

Deer Licks

Some hunters call these attractants ‘deer licks.” No matter what you call them, they will either have a sweet base or a salt base. It’s important to read the label before making a purchase, because the wrong choice could have a negative impact on the hunter’s hunting experience. If you are not sure what to buy, here is a little information to help you make the right choice:

Deer Mineral Supplements and Homemade Options

It’s very important to know the difference between deer attractants and mineral supplements. If you utilize the latter, you most likely want to increase the growth of a deer you are tracking. Just make sure you make the right purchase. If so-called “mineral supplements” contain too much sugar or salt, it will actually stunt the growth of your prey.

Real mineral supplements offer nutritional value to deer in your area. These are considered to be pure supplements, but they can be difficult to find. Luckily, these deer attractants are not the only options available. Today, some of the most popular choices are do-it-yourself attractants. One of the most popular choices is using a peanut butter jar. By drilling it directly to a tree nearby, you will increase your chances of finding a buck or foe.

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Why Hunters Love them

There are several rules associated with hunting. One of the most important is making sure you are hunting on the right property. Often times you hear stories about a hunter shooting a deer on someone else’s land, and the land owner having an issue with it. This can result in fines, revoking your hunter’s license, and sometimes even jail. By using the right deer attractants, a hunter will be able to lure the deer to them and feel comfortable taking the shot.

If you want to reach your limit for the year, figure out what the best deer attractants are for your area and type of deer. Soon you might be eating a venison steak with a little dried deer jerky on the side.


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Updated: January 9, 2018 — 4:19 pm
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