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Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review


Our Rating



  • The really High Quality scope
  • Great built quality and durability
  • The compact and lightweight construction at 5.9 pnds
  • It is really powerful


  • It needs a good investment but it more than deserves it
  • The 260 draw weight - but the fact that it has a short power stroke and a rope cocking device is included makes cocking it a lot easier.

Our Excalibur Matrix 380 Review will help you decide if this is the right crossbow for you.

If you need a sturdy and powerful crossbow that is designed for hunting, the Matrix 380 from Excalibur might be exactly what you are looking for. It comes with a well balanced and lightweight construction that is comfortable to handle, and the camouflage design prevents the crossbow from giving away your position. Perfect for hunters that prefer staying hidden in the blind, the Matrix 380 delivers all the power and speed you need to make accurate and humane killing shots.



Excalibur Matrix 380 Build


One of the reasons many archers choose a recurve crossbow is its lightweight build that is easy to care for. This makes these bows perfect for hunters who need something that is durable and simple to maintain when they are in the field. The Matrix 380 from Excalibur comes with a durable and lightweight construction that is easy for archers at any skill level to handle.

The limbs feature a sturdy build that will provide plenty of balance and stability when you are aiming, and the riser is capable of providing a smooth performance. It attaches easily to the limbs, so the crossbow is ready to go in minutes. The rear stock is constructed from lightweight materials, and is designed to fit comfortably and securely against your shoulders. Like all of the crossbows constructed by Excalibur, it is built to easily withstand the rigors associated with outdoor hunting.

The Excalibur Matrix 380 is the best choice for those looking for a perfect recurve crossbow at the 800-1000 price range

Design of the Matrix 380


The design of the crossbow is an important consideration, and it is easy to see that Excalibur paid close attention to every detail. The “real tree” design makes it easy to blend into your surroundings, and you will love how quiet it is when its fired. The included suppressors help to minimize any noise the bow might make, which is always an advantage when you don’t want to startle your prey. You will also appreciate the compact design of this recurve crossbow, which makes it easy to maneuver in confined spaces.

Excalibur also ensured that this bow was designed for safety, and this includes an anti dry firing device. Not only does this prevent arrows from accidentally being released, it also stops damaging dry fires from occurring. Misfires are not only potentially dangerous, it can also ruin the overall performance of the bow. The trigger is also designed to be easy to pull, and there is a slight delay which gives you additional time to be sure of the accuracy of your aim.


Matrix 380 Performance


What really makes Excalibur’s Matrix 380 recurve crossbow stand out is its’ performance capabilities. The trigger helps to ensure a smooth release, and with a maximum velocity of 380 feet per second you can easily keep up with moving targets. The arrows are also backed by the 260 pound draw weight, which is more than enough power to penetrate almost any target.

Along with its compact design that makes the bow easy to handle and its incredible speed, it can also generate up to 112 lb. lb. of kinetic energy. This gives you the power to easily penetrate practice targets and large prey. Capable of humanely bringing down almost any type of legal game in North American, this high performing crossbow might be the only one you need on your next hunting trip.

Features of this crossbow


The Matrix 380 includes everything you need to start hunting almost right out of the box. All of the tools are included, along with informative and easy to read instructions. It should be noted that this is a recurve crossbow, and while it is easy to restring in the field it can be slightly confusing to assemble the first time. The kit also includes a convenient quiver, along with four diablo arrows and field tips.

To ensure everyone can handle the impressive 260 draw weight the Matrix 380 includes a rope cocking aid. This makes it easier to draw the bow and keep the string taut before the release. Hunters will also appreciate the dampening device that effectively muffles any external sounds. An accurate scope makes it easy to line up your shots, and it is designed to hold steady at “zero” through almost any accidental drop or fall.



Excalibur Matrix 380 Review Summary


Excalibur has managed to redesign the recurve crossbow with the Matrix 380. It features a narrow design that is reminiscent of a compound bow, but is still incredibly easy to maintain in the field. It is also nearly silent when fired, unlike compound bows which generally require an additional dampening device.

You will love the incredible performance capabilities of this crossbow, which includes an impressive maximum velocity of 380 feet per second. Capable of generating enough kinetic energy to humanely take down a large elk or moose, and with a draw weight of 260 pounds there is very little you can’t penetrate with this crossbow. It also comes at a surprisingly affordable price, considering its lightweight and high performance design.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:33 pm