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Why You Should Use a Quality Crossbow Scope

While some hunters can’t imagine using their crossbow without a scope, others might wonder if it is really necessary. Not even the most powerful scope will make a crossbow accurate at long distance shots over 50 yards, which makes some hunters wonder why they need to spend the extra money on one. While a scope won’t make your crossbow as powerful or accurate as a rifle at long distance shooting, there are still a few excellent reasons why it makes sense to use one.


Even when you are aiming and firing at targets that are only 10 or 20 yards away, accuracy can still be an issue. When you are shooting arrows at paper or bag targets an occasional miss is usually an annoyance, but out in the field it can leave an animal wounded and in unnecessary pain. While many hunters choose to use a bow for the challenge it can present, they still want to always be able to make a humane killing shot. This often requires the use of a scope which will clearly show hunters exactly where they need their arrow to go.

A quality crossbow scope will bring the target into view so you can clearly see every detail. With the target appearing like it is right in front of you it is easier to see exactly where you need to send the arrow. Scopes can usually be adjusted to take into account the distance to the target, which also takes all of the guesswork out of deciding where you need to point your bow.

Arrow placement

If you have ever marvelled at someone’s ability to have all of their arrows grouped in the target, chances are they had a little help from a quality crossbow scope. Along with helping to improve accuracy, a scope can also make it easier for you to group your shots. When you can consistently send your arrows to the same spot you know that your bow is balanced and performing at optimal levels, which is something that every archer should know.

Archery tournaments often require participants to group their shots, and a crossbow scope can be an invaluable tool during practice sessions. Some tournaments will even let you keep the scope mounted on your crossbow during the competition.


Hunters and even target shooters can spend hours talking about range, even though most crossbows are only accurate up to 60 yards or less. The range not only refers to the distance to the target, it can also take into account the elevation. This is extremely important to consider when you are hunting from a tree stand or firing at targets in hilly locations.

A quality crossbow scope will bring distant targets clearly into view so you can see where you need to aim. Being able to make adjustments for elevation will ensure that your arrow doesn’t drop before it hits the target or overshoot the area you were aiming for. These constant misses are not only frustrating, but it can also result in lost arrows which can be expensive to replace. The noise of the arrow can also startle your target, along with any other nearby game in the area making it a disappointing hunting trip.


While a quality scope will never turn your crossbow into a long range weapon, it can help you become a better archer. Aim and accuracy can be improved, along with arrow placement simply by using a scope with your crossbow. Just like there are several makes and models of crossbows to choose from you also have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a scope, and in most cases the most expensive one is not always the best. An inexpensive crossbow scope can still help you improve your overall performance, without costing a lot of extra money, and it will also make you look and feel like a professional archer.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:33 pm