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Best Crossbow Bolts – 2016 list

Crossbow bolts come in a variety of lengths and materials. They are generally constructed of aluminum or carbon for durability and consistency in size and weight, and can have either two or three feathers or vanes. Standard lengths vary between 16″ and 22″. Bolts have either flat nocks or half moon nocks. Half moon nocks tend to fire bolts more accurately, as the cocking string seats against each bolt in exactly the same position every time.

You’ll definitely want to get some “practice” bolts. Nothing fancy, just basic bolts for target practice and for honing your skills. For hunting applications you may want something a little better. Higher quality crossbow bolts feature removable tips so you can switch out different bolt tips depending on what you’re hunting. Carbon bolts are typically a little more expensive but are worth the money. They typically retain speed down-range better than aluminum bolts.

For serious hunting applications, we heartily endorse Magnus Stinger broadhead tips. They are incredibly accurate, can be re-sharpened, and have a lifetime replacement guarantee. When purchasing field points and searching fot the best broadheads make sure you request the appropriate size so they will fit on your bolts.

Be sure to check the specs of your particular crossbow to determine the optimum length and diameter of bolts recommended for it. Crossbow pistols require shorter bolts than a full-size recurve or compound crossbow.Good luck in your hunt for the best crossbow bolts.

There are some things you need to watch out when choosing the best crossbow bolts. The length of the bolt you use shouldn’t be less than what is recommended by the manufacturer. The same goes with the arrows and the arrow heads regarding their weight. Never user lighter ones!

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:32 pm