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Best Barnett Crossbows – Reviews & Ratings

Barnett Crossbow Reviews


Barnett crossbows are known for their reliability and accuracy. Barnett makes both compound and recurve crossbows, but like most other manufacturers, leans more towards compounds. They don’t have a particularly large selection to choose from, but they do have all the bases covered. Newer models of Barnett crossbows propel bolts in excess of 350fps – incredibly fast. They also offer the handy foot-pull mechanism for spanning your crossbow. All Barnett crossbows feature an automatic safety which engages each time the crossbow is cocked.


Barnett Ghost 410 Review

Barnett Ghost 410 ReviewAt only 7.2 pounds this is the strongest, fastest and one of the best Compound Crossbows that we have reviewed. At 185 pound draw weight and an amazing 410 fps speed this bad boy is capable of taking down anything that you would desire to hunt.

The Barnett Ghost 410 is well balanced, stable and comfortable to shoot. If you can afford it, this is probably one of the best crossbows on the market for under $1000.

Package includes:
  • Crossbow
  • Premium Illuminated Scope
  • (3)  22” Arrows
  • Quick Detach Quiver
  • Talon Sling
  • Rope Cocking Device
  • Extra Recoil Pad


You cannot ask for anything more from a crossbow. Simply put, if you want to kill anything on this planet or perhaps even other planets look no further. You will not find another crossbow where you get more for your money. Practically assembled for you out of the box since the foot stirrup and scope comes already attached and mounted assembly will literally take you a few minutes. You may want to consider purchasing a crank cocking device due to the strength that it takes to cock otherwise.


Draw Weight: 185

Speed (Feet Per Second): 410

Length (inches): 38.5

Width (inches): 19

Stroke (inches): 15.375

Bow Type: Compound

Weight(lbs): 7.2

Suggested Arrow Length (inches): 22


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Updated: January 6, 2015 — 2:07 pm
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