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Barnett TS370 Crossbow Review (370 fps)

Barnett TS370 Crossbow Review

Barnett Crossbows has been shaping the industry of bowhunting for the past 50 years. Its products have always been synonymous with quality and accuracy. One of the reliable solutions provided by this manufacturer is the TS370 Crossbow Package. The crossbow itself can shoot bolts at an amazing speed of 370 fps, which should help you hunt down even fast and easy-to-scare game. It weighs just 6.9 pounds so it’s quite easy to handle, it’s made of tough and durable materials, and also comes with plenty of features for a more-than-decent price.



Package Includes:

  • The TS370 Crossbow
  • Two 22” Headhunter bolts
  • A 4×32 scope
  • A side mount quiver
  • A rope cocking device
  • Lube wax



Speed (Up to) 370 fps
Kinetic Energy (Up to) 115 ft. lbs
Length (w/o foot stirrup) 36.25 in
Width Axle-to-Axle (uncocked/cocked) 16.125 in
Power Stroke 12.5 in
Weight (w/out accessories) 6.9 lbs
Draw Weight 187 lbs


Key Features

This crossbow that often ranks as one of the best options in its price range can reach a considerable speed of up to 370 feet per second. It has a 4×32 scope that will increase your accuracy and it has been designed for 22-inch arrows.

Some of the safety features of this crossbow are the typical anti-dry fire trigger system that makes Barnett crossbows highly reliable and a finger safety reminder. It is also equipped with a soft-lok floating bristle arrow retainer and a pass-through foregrip.

Other key features you can find in this crossbow include the adjustable buttstock, side mount quiver, a TriggerTech 3-lb. trigger made by means of metal injection molding, three picatinny rails, and a machined aluminum flight track. This sleek crossbow has a black finish.



  • This is one of the fastest crossbows available in its price range. Its high speed allows you to catch the game with ease and precision.
  • Even if this is a strong crossbow, it is suitable for all hunters, regardless of their level of experience. This is mainly due to the fact that the device is lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver and to carry around.
  • This high-precision mechanism will allow you to hunt successfully from a distance that can reach and even exceed 60 yards.
  • With this crossbow, you will benefit from the latest Barnett telescoping technology that is highly adjustable in order to allow you to adapt to any circumstances, including ground blinds.
  • The 22-inch arrows aim to improve your hunting experience as they can allow you to catch a wide array of game, in different circumstances.
  • This well-balanced device offers great performance and sufficient power of execution, with its 187 lbs. draw weight. It is easy to assemble the TS370 as it has a one-bolt assembly system.
  • The scope is illuminated, and it can be turned on and off based on your needs and preferences. The target illumination can be green or red, which makes it easy for the eye to spot it. Moreover, the scope can easily be mounted.



  • This crossbow is not provided with a noise dampening system that is present in other products manufactured by Barnett.



Build Quality – Durability


This crossbow package designed by Barnett features the typical quality this manufacturer has got us used to. All the package’s components are made of reliable materials that aim to last long without requiring any replacements.



This Barnett package features a lightweight design that’s always a key feature to look for when purchasing hunting gear. The telescoping buttstock is adjustable in order to allow the device to adapt to any hunter. The pass-through foregrip is one of the features that make this bow easy to handle and deploy. This is a lightweight and compact crossbow.


Speed and Performance

This crossbow is one of the fastest of its kind in its price range. 370 feet per second means enough speed, especially for beginner and mid-level hunters who are the main target audience for this product. There is a soft-lok floating bristle arrow retainer that will ease the release.

Thanks to the accurate 4×32 scope, you will be able to spot the prey from a distance and to hunt it down within seconds. This crossbow enables you to hunt from distances of 60 yards, or even more, with killer performance.




This crossbow’s laminated limbs and easy stock, together with the overall lightweight design increase the product’s ease of handling and accuracy. The machined cams are designed with the utmost precision to improve your accuracy and chances of success. This product’s draw weight contributes to the device’s power of execution that boosts the overall accuracy.



This reliable crossbow features several safety features that are essential for hunters who want to minimize all the risks related to this sport. This manufacturer emphasizes the safety of its devices and made no exception with the TS370 Crossbow that is provided with the typical anti-dry fire trigger system that prevents the mechanism from shooting unless it is correctly loaded.


Noise and Vibration

You can get string dampeners for this crossbow, as an additional premium feature. This way, you will be able to minimize the noise the device automatically produces when it is deployed and to maximize your chances of success.


Ease of Use and Assembly

This crossbow adheres to the typical user-friendly direction adopted by Barnett since the very beginning. It is easy to assemble thanks to its one-bolt assembly system which makes it ready to use directly after purchase. You don’t need to be an experienced hunter to set up and use this device and you have detailed instructions to help you each step of the way.



Barnett TS370 Review Summary


All in all, the TS370 Crossbow Package is a good choice you might want to consider if you are looking for a new crossbow that can help you hunt with ease. This product is suitable both for beginners and more experienced shooters. It has several adaptable features that will help you handle it with ease.

The reliable illuminated scope and the high speed provided by this device will increase your performance. This model is easy to carry and maneuver due to its reduced weight and compact design. It is a well-balanced product that performs well and doesn’t cost a lot.

Updated: August 31, 2020 — 12:28 pm