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Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Review

Barnett Recruit Terrain


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  • It is compact and lightweight, so ideal for shooters with a smaller body frame
  • The safety features in place allow it to be an option for beginners, as well
  • A few useful accessories are included in the package


  • Some people comment on the fact that the red dot scope is inferior, and they suggest buying a different one

The compact frame of this model will make you believe that it is a crossbow more indicated to young shooters or those who cannot handle a draw weight that is above 150-160 pounds. While this is all true, the Barnett Recruit Terrain can be used by shooters who are not included in the categories mentioned, although they might want to use a stock extension to make it more comfortable for their body frame. What is essential, nonetheless, is that this crossbow is ideal for anyone who wants to try a crossbow for the first time, yet still wants to take advantage of some extra benefits and overall sound quality, the type Barnett is known to deliver on all its products.




Taking a look at the materials used, you will notice right away that there is a reason why the total weight of this bow is kept to a minimum, besides its compact size and overall design. The stock is made from composite, and it is quite lightweight compared to many other models on the market. That is quite commendable, seeing how the crossbow caters to shooters who are not used to carrying a lot of weight and have yet to learn how to shoot correctly.

Another thing that must be mentioned here is that the model is a single-bolt type of configuration. When you take it out of its box, you will have two pieces, one being the head with the limbs and string, and the other being the stock. When you slide the pieces one over the other, they will fit in place right away, and you will only need to use an Allen wrench and a bolt – both supplied by the manufacturer – to have the crossbow almost ready to shoot.

Bear in mind that you will still need to attach the accessories, so more fiddling with some screws will be required. It should not take you more than 15 minutes to have this model assembled and ready for a round of target practice in the backyard.



For how lightweight and compact this model is, its top velocity of 330 fps, is a recommendation in itself. It must be said that the draw weight of 140 pounds qualifies it as a model for female shooters, teenage bowhunters, and men with a generally smaller frame than average. While it may not look like the crossbow can pack a bit of a punch, that’s far from being the truth. The kinetic energy of 91.9 ft-lbs tells a different story.

At a little over 16 inches axle to axle, the crossbow is not particularly narrow, but it is not cumbersome, either, given its light body mass. There is also an upside to having a bow that weighs only 6.4 pounds. You will be able to load it with accessories so that you can improve its overall performance. The pass-through fore grip is another element of design that will please you. Gripping the crossbow well is possible, and you won’t risk accidents during use.

The model is sold in a black tactical finish which makes it very attractive. On the limbs, you will notice the manufacturer’s logo. The vented design style is another thing that will catch your eye, and you might favor this crossbow simply because it looks really nice.


Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow


Most probably, the number one feature we should talk about is the frictionless release technology used named TriggerTech. Present on more expensive models from Barnett, but also part of what makes the Recruit such an excellent choice for a beginner, this technology ensures that the shots you fire are accurate and that no power is lost due to friction. Also, the three-pound trigger with zero-creep adds to the advantages provided by this technology, helping novices reach their targets with ease.

On the top and bottom, you will find Picatinny rails that let you mount various accessories. Speaking of which, you will get a few useful extras with your purchase. The red dot sight can help you further increase your accuracy, while the quiver with three bolts will provide you with exactly what you need to start practicing. Other useful extras include a rope cocking device and lube wax for the string.

Don’t forget that you also get some safety features, as well. The nock sensor and the anti-dry fire trigger ensure that you won’t have to worry about premature shots. Overall, this is a safe-to-use crossbow that is much recommended for beginners.


Noise and vibrations

This model comes equipped with the anti-vibration foot stirrup, a mechanism that will eliminate the noise any crossbow would make when releasing a bolt. It is most shooters’ main concern when they’re shopping for a new crossbow since they need to make sure that the weapon they choose has a quiet operation, to avoid scaring the prey away.




The Recruit may not be for the most hardened bowhunters out there, but it can help a novice or someone who is not particularly strong, to use a crossbow and have excellent results with it. That is the essence of this model from Barnett that gives a chance to beginners to use a hunting weapon that comes equipped with all the needed technologies and features to deliver high performance.

Updated: January 22, 2022 — 12:30 pm