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Barnett Predator Crossbow Review (430 fps)

Barnett Predator (430 fps)


Our Rating



  • It comes mostly assembled, and it is easy to use
  • It delivers superior speeds of up to 430 fps
  • The noise dampening system does a good job
  • It is reasonably light at 7.6 lbs


  • Cocking the bow seems to be a problem, as the draw weight is not exactly the lightest you can find right now

Barnett is well-known for making crossbows that are easy to assemble and also maneuverable. The Barnett Predator is no exception to the rule, and you can rest assured that you will get an excellent deal for your money. Seeing that it is reasonably priced, it is also a good option if you are looking for a crossbow that delivers amazing speeds without having you break the bank for such a weapon. It is also lighter than other models on the market, so, all in all, you are getting good value for the money.




There is one thing that not many people like about compound crossbows, and that is that they tend to be quite unbalanced and heavy. But that is not the case with this particular model that proves, once again, that Barnett is a name to be reckoned with on the market for crossbows. The overall feel and quality are those of a high-quality product and concerning the user’s comfort and convenience, nothing is spared.

When you hold this crossbow in your hand, nothing feels unbalanced or unnatural. It must also be mentioned that the manufacturer uses what is called the RUCS system, which is responsible for pushing the front of the crossbow upward when, under the effect of gravity, it should go downward.

The step-through riser is one of the critical improvements brought by this crossbow to the table. Made from patented Carbonlite, it is created to keep the weight of the model to a minimum. The flight track is also made from CNC machined aluminum, which, besides the low weight and durability, also contributes to delivering smooth and precise shots, something that any hunter wants.



For a model that develops speeds of up to 430 fps, you can expect some design elements that contribute to such outstanding results. The draw weight for the model is 187 lbs, so it’s not the most comfortable to draw on the market, but it’s not the most difficult, either. With a power stroke of 16.25 inches and capable of 156 ft-lbs kinetic energy, this model is in a league of its own. The total weight is 7.6 lbs, which, again, might not make it the lightest, but not the heaviest model available, either.

It should be mentioned that you can’t expect a very narrow design in a crossbow in this price range. However, the axle to axle length of a little over 17 inches still makes it relatively easy to maneuver, so you will feel like you have a good ally by your side when you are out in the woods, hunting. The beautiful black finish contributes to its overall appeal and makes it worthy of its name.


Image of Barnett Predator crossbowFeatures

The Trigger Tech system used for the trigger is one of the highlights of this bow that we need to mention. The three-pound trigger with zero creep is an excellent addition to a product that is already excellent. And it is not the only thing that makes this particular model such an attractive option for anyone who wants to pay a fair price for sound quality. The Frictionless Release feature works with a free-floating roller that moves from the trigger to the sear and back again, providing the shooter with extra precision when using this crossbow.

You will also get nock sensors and an anti-dry fire system that makes sure that the arrow will not be released prematurely from the bow. Anyone using this model will be more than pleased with the available rubber butt pad, the four Picatinny rails available, and the side-mounted quiver you can detach as you see fit.

An excellent range of accessories is delivered with your purchase. The model comes with a 1.5-5x32mm illuminated scope to see in the dark. A rope cocking device will help you manage the superior draw weight, and you will also receive two Headhunter arrows and lube wax for the strings.


Noise and vibrations

Nobody appreciates dealing with noise and vibrations when shooting with a crossbow, but the truth is that, when there is superior speed involved, such mishaps are practically unavoidable. For this reason, manufacturers always try to alleviate the issue of extra sound when the string vibrates, to ensure that at least some of the noise gets eliminated.

In this case, Barnett employed string dampeners on the construction of the bow to make sure that the string will not begin to vibrate when releasing an arrow. To be stealthy and dangerous, you need to make sure that your weapon is well prepared for any situation, and, in this case, it is.




Power and reliability are two things that any shooter wants to see in a crossbow. The Barnett Predator offers excellent satisfaction, as it is fast, accurate, and deadly. All these attributes make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to hunt large prey and enjoy his or her hunting trips to the max. Seeing that it is more reasonably priced than other models on the market, you know you cannot go wrong with it.

Updated: June 15, 2020 — 1:54 pm