Once you have chosen your own compound bow, the obvious next step is to learn how to shoot it properly. One of the first things you will have to do before you get down to shooting your compound bow is to get a feel of the apparatus. You may be used to several other types of bows and it is necessary that first you are comfortable with your own compound bow. Draw it at different lengths. Assume different stances and distances. Basically make yourself comfortable with it.

Knowing Your Bow’s Features

If you are using a recurve bow during practice then you should be warned that the compound bow is entirely different. This is more so in the aspect of holding the weight at full draw. In a compound bow there is what is known as a Let off or rather the holding weight decreases substantially when at full draw.
However, when you are comfortable with the basic concept of archery then you will not have too much trouble shooting your  bow. The stance and the prep is the same. In the case of positioning the arrow on the rest, it will need to be rotated so that the fletching does not come in contact with the rest during release.

Getting Prepared

To shoot a compound bow, you will of course need arrows. When you go to make your purchase, stay away from the wooden ones as they will just break with the pressure from compound bows. Select those with aluminum or carbon shafts. Another good addition to your arsenal would be a good bow sight to help you aim better.

A Good Stance

As with any other bow practice, you can choose from the open stance or the square stance to shoot your compound bow. The square stance is where you face front with both of your feet shoulder length apart. The open stance is where you right foot is a small step ahead of your left foot to give you better balance.

Getting Ready to Shoot Your Compound Bow

Rest your bow on your hip and nock your arrow into place. Assume a comfortable stance. Suck in a deep breath and draw you bow. If you bow points upwards then you have drawn too much weight. Relax the draw till you are comfortable and release your breath as you do so. When you pin is in place, you are ready to fire.

When you are ready to fire your elbow should be straight back. This will prevent your arrow from going off target when released. Release your arrow and remain in the same position till it has reached its target.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

  • When purchasing your compound bow, try it out at the store. Find a bow that when drawn till your chin, still has you in the comfort zone. This one will be the best compound bow for you to shoot.
  • When you first begin shooting, aim for a target that is low. This will enable you to work your way up and find arrows that have gone astray easily.
  • Should you be having trouble shooting with your compound bow, find an expert archer and have them look at you and the way you shoot. It could be something in the shot or the arrows or your stance.
  • Maintain an easy grip on your bow. The harder you hold, the tension it will create thus making your shot inaccurate.
  • Before you begin shooting ensure that all your friends are standing behind you. You would not want them to be the mistaken target. Tie back loose hair and wear thick sleeves. If the string ricochets off your arm, it will hurt.

With these tips and precautions in mind, you are ready to shoot your compound bow. However, it would also be prudent to take a few lessons prior or have an expert stand with your to guide you.

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