How we started

Pickabow was initially created as a hobby website, but it has since grown in popularity as an effort to promote bowhunting.

We’ve rounded up a bunch of helpful articles from our archive that will show you everything you need to know about bowhunting. You’ll get great tips and secrets to be successful, and we believe there’s no substitute for experiential knowledge.

This site started in 2015 and has since grown tremendously. We have written about many different topics to date, with our writing team having covered hundreds of articles so far. That’s why we welcome you to sit back a bit and learn more about our wealth of bowhunting expertise, as well as archery skills that can help you improve your experience in the sport.

To assist you in improving your archery skills and to raise your general level of enjoyment while out hunting!

This is Our Process

Barry or Kenny write and edit every article on this site to maintain the highest quality standards. We occasionally publish content by outside authors. However, all content is reviewed by the head editor first and nothing goes live without his approval. This policy allows us to ensure only accurate, safe information is published and to maintain your trust in us.

We do our research so you don’t have to. We find the best products and provide unbiased reviews, based on in-depth online research as well as practical testing when possible. When you listen to our advice, you can be sure that we will only recommend what we think are the best products for your needs. We have been in the hunting world for quite a while and can offer advice from years of experience. We’ve seen it all and have gone through loads of hunting gear, so we know what to recommend. We don’t know everything about weapons or clothes by any means, but if you want tips about something else, feel free to ask.

We try to make it clear that our reviews only consider certain contexts or requirements in order to prevent confusion. For example, product A may work well with my needs but not yours.

Why Pickabow Matters

There’s so many reasons why you should read Pickabow. One is that we help you improve your bowhunting experience without jeopardizing safety.

This site is of interest to you if you consider yourself a Bowhunter, Archery Enthusiast, or Hunter.Your goals may be to improve your archery skills, compete in tournaments, or simply enjoy the sight of a well-executed bowshot. You might want to expand your knowledge of hunting techniques and gear. Or you may just want to see what new technology is available for bow hunting.

Meet our TEAM

Our team of writers has clocked in thousands of hours hunting, bowhunting, archery shooting across all 6 continents as well as training or leading others. You can be sure that the information we provide is accurate and up to date.



Kenny Broadway is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Pickabow, a site that caters to everything archery related. Kenny is a big fan of archery and trains regularly in it. He also works as a bow technician at a local sporting goods store where he uses his expertise to help customers find the right bows for their needs. Furthermore, Kenny is a writer who creates Amazon-published e-books and has experience in the fishing and hunting industry. He has published hunting and fishing guides and other information to help readers learn about the topics. He has been an outdoor writer for over 10 years, specializing in writing about firearms, archery, cutlery, hunting, and wilderness survival. His articles have been featured in major online publishers.



Barry Cunningham is the editor and co-founder of Pickabow, an avid bowhunter, hunter, and archery enthusiast. Barry’s experience and expertise in the outdoors is vast and range from hunting to archery. He has shot nearly every type of bow or crossbow out there since 2000. Barry was raised in Texas where crossbows were prohibited for hunters but have recently moved to Ohio where people have had access to crossbows for years. He hunts at a variety of locations across the country, including Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Wyoming. He also traps – always taking one of his crossbows with him.

Sometimes it’s really tough to get started (we know from experience!), so we created Pickabow as a tool to quickly help you find relevant information and make quality decisions.

We hope you enjoy Pickabow. Let us know your thoughts!