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Best Compound Bow For The Money – 2015 Reviews and Tips

Best Compound Bow

Choosing the best compound bow out of the hundreds of options available today, may seem overwhelming and confusing. We, at Pickabow, are aware of that fact, so we decided to smoothen that burdensome process for you. Whether you are a professional archer, a beginner, a woman or just a parent who wants his child to learn the ins and outs of archery, you will greatly benefit from our compound bow reviews and we will guide you to find the best compound bow for the money.



The 10 Top Rated Compound Bows

SpeedDraw lengthDraw Weight (lbs.)RatingPriceBest Used By
PSE's Surge RTS
312 fps19-1/2" to 30"50-70
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Diamond Archery's Infinite Edge310 fps13" to 30"5-70
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Diamond Archery Carbon Cure 325 fps27"-30.5"60-70
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
$$$$$Male Hunter
Martin Archery Lithium 335 fps26" to 31"50-70
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
$$$$$Male Hunter
SAS Rage270 fps26" to 30"55-70
4 Stars (4 / 5)
PSE Brute X 312-320 fps25"-30"60-70
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
$$$$Male Hunter
Bear Archery Apprentice265 fpa15"-27.5"20-60
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
PSE Prophecy340 fps25"-30"70
5 Stars (5 / 5)
$$$$$$Pro Hunter
PSE Brute X320fps25"-30"50,60,70
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
$$$$Male Hunter
Genesis Pro Bown/aUp to 30"15-25
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Best compound bow on the market:

Martin Archery Lithium

Martin-lithiumIf you are looking for a high roller bow to accompany you on your hunting expeditions or you 3d archery shooting, then you should strongly consider Lithium by Martin Archery. Having shot my fair share of Martin bows, I can reassure you that their quality has improved over the years. But, what about speed? At 335fps with an 80% let-off and a draw weight up to 70lbs., i can’t imagine there is game you can’t take down. Moreover, Lithium is a surprisingly quiet and accurate bow that drops dead in your hand when you release the arrow; absolutely zero vibrations. To summarize, we feel that every bowhunter should try shooting this rig as it offers the best hunting experience you can have. It is the perfect bow for your never-ending quest to that perfect kill and the best compound bow available for sale.

Best Beginner Compound Bow:

Infinite Edge

infinite-edgeDiamond bows are manufactured by Bowtech, one of the world’s largest archery suppliers. Infinite edge is the most versatile and one of the best-selling bows in the world. The wide range of adjustable settings on Infinite Edge makes it the best choice for beginners and children of every age. Draw length can be adjusted to anywhere between 13″-30″ while draw-weigh can range from 5 to 70 lbs! Unless you were a giant, you can adjust it to you liking for sure. If you reasonably wonder whether a bow perfect for starters can be used by an adult male too, I have good news for you. At maximum settings, it can be used for hunting, as it produces the necessary kinetic energy to take down the largest game from as far as 50 yards.

Best youth compound bow:

Genesis Original

Genesis_original_packageWhile Infinity edge is a great all-around bow that your kids can use for years it is not the most economic choice. That, lower price spot is taken by Genesis Original Bow Kit. It Is widely used in Archery Training programs across the nation and it is a very easy to shoot and setup bow. Furthermore, the draw length adjustability feature makes this bow suitable for kids of every age wanting to learn the basics. Genesis can not produce the necessary power needed to hunt though, so it should only be used for target practice.


Best compound bow for women:

Bear Archery Siren

Bear_sirenIf you are a top-tier female archer you shouldn’t settle for an upgraded youth bow or a detuned man’s bow. Siren is a bow specifically designed for women, focused on delivering everything that a girl-shooter would demand. Bear has been extra careful with the design of this bow, trying to please their female clients who are interested in looks, as well as in performance. It can accommodate a wide range of strengths and sizes with draw weights and lengths ranging from 40 to 60 lbs and 22 to 27 inches respectively. While it can be used in 3D competition with great results, only an experienced female-hunter will use it to its full potential.


Top Choice for Under 500: The best Compound bow for the money


surgeThe PSE surge is a high-performance bow coming at a great price. Surely, it’s not the fastest compound bow available but for its cost that thing can shoot pretty fast. What we really like about the Surge is how effortless the draw-cycle feels, when compared to 70 lbs. draw weight bows at this price range. If however, your first priority is speed, then maybe surge isn’t the right choice for you. On the other hand, for those who are looking for great accuracy and are willing to sacrifice some fps for a smoother overall experience there is nothing better at this budget! Actually, the surge can beat a lot of higher priced bows. Pick A Bow recommends that you should Pick A Surge as soon as possible.

fastest compound bow

Fastest Compound Bow on the Market:

PSE Full Throttle

PSE-Full-ThrottleThis is the king of the kings when it comes to speed, the world’s fastest compound bow. Full Throttle is strongly focused to the experienced, performance-centric shooter or better yet, the speed freaks. PSE has, yet again, pushed the limits and provides us with a rig that clocks in at a whooping speed of 370 FPS. Taking this outrageous speed into consideration, Full Throttle seems quiet enough with little to zero vibrations. This is what modern technology can achieve- a state of the art, solidly built and very accurate bow with unparalleled speed. Keep in mind that while you can back this bow down quite a few pounds and enjoy a smoother draw and reduced vibration, shock and noise, this bow isn’t for anyone. If you aren’t a pro-hunter looking to test his limits, there are probably better options for you out there.

Fastest Single Cam: PSE Prophecy

PSE_Prophecy-286x300PSE prophecy became famous as the fastest single-cam compound bow available. For a bow that can produce 340fps IBO speed, the draw is as smooth as it gets. Moreover, it combines this unparalleled speed with lots of features and relatively low cost. While suitable for both experienced and less advanced users, this is a hunting compound bow made for bowhunters searching for raw power, reliability and simplicity.


Buying A compound Bow

When you take on a new sport, you also find in yourself a new fangled excitement. This excitement is what fuels your passion and more often than not takes you to the peak of your chosen field. However, there are times when passion tends to over-ride reason and that’s when one must be careful. Take for example the field of archery.

A relatively new archer will want to shoot all day long and use a bow that he sees the top archers using. While this is great in terms of achieving your dreams, it does not work out practically. If you are a novice in archery then chances are that you have been using a recurve bow. These are good and are also the only ones allowed in the Olympics right now. However, depending on your purpose, there are a variety of bows you can choose from. If you are to choose a compound bow, then there are certain aspects you will have to keep in mind in order to choose the best compound bow possible.

Simple Tips to a Great Bow

What’s the hurry?

Buying your first compound bow is no small affair. Take your time, survey the market, read some compownd bow reviews and see what is on offer. Talk to experts from various archery clubs and get their opinions of the type of compound bow that will best suit you. Join a club and take a few lessons. Try out a variety of bows under supervision and base your decision on what you feel comfortable with.

The left and right of things:

It is an assumption that if you are right handed you will need a right hand bow and vice versa. Well! The thought is false. Get assessed by your coach and let him determine the kind of bow you will require. Some right-handers will need a left-handed bow. Also remember that it is mandatory that you are in good form. Being able to shoot accurately largely depends on how fit you are.

What’s your purpose?

Before you set out to buy your first compound bow, ascertain what you want to use it for. Is it for target practice at a range or will you want to go hunting with it? Once you decide on this, the compound bow has further considerations that you will have to make. Are you comfortable using a release aid or your finger to draw the bow? What is the draw length you can withstand? What is the best arrow rest for you?

Compound bow specifications:

When buying your first compound bow, you choice will also depend on the type of cam that you require on your bow. A cam allows you to draw your bow steadily and release it multiple times without feeling too much of a strain. A soft cam however will have you sacrificing on force whereas an aggressive cam is excellent for hunting. You might also want to look at compound bows with a single cam.

Its advantages are that it does not allow for uneven wearing out as is possible with dual cams. Tuning dual cams can be tedious and this process is eliminated in a single cam. They are also much quieter and can make your first compound bow ideal for hunting.

Performance specifications:

When choosing your first compound bow, there are some specifications you will have to keep in mind in terms of the length and draw weight. The longer your bow, the more accurate your shot will be and this is great for target practice. A shorter bow will be great for hunters. If you are a beginner then choose a bow between 38 to 44 inches.

For more info about choosing a compound bow check our guide.

Once you have all these considerations in place, you are almost ready to buy your first compound bow. The next step is to identify a reliable sports store from where to buy your equipment. You may also want to look into additional accessories that will aid you.

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